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Staging a Trigger
Have you ever wondered when your shot is close but still not quite where you want it, what to do?

Knowing how to stage a trigger, or as some say taking up the slack, can make all the difference in the world.

Next time your at the range, here is a simple practice, for a semi-automatic. This is best started with an unloaded gun.

Up on target with your front sight on target, pull the trigger slowly and you will feel like a wall about half way. At that point you stop pressing the trigger. If you continue the gun will fire. Knowing where that wall is and learning the feel of it is the point of this lesson.
This is best done slowly to start. Up on target, with your front sight on target, press the trigger half way, stop but keep your finger in that position, adjust your front sight again, now finish the shot.

Once finished, keep your finger on the trigger but only allow the trigger to come forward just enough for the gun to recycle. You will know because you will feel or hear a click, and your finger will be in that half way position again.

At this point you may take the second shot. You will find with practice your speed will increase and so will your control of your gun. Also by learning how your trigger feels will help the person who jerks the trigger and ends up with a wild shots.

If you have a double action revolver the same applies but the feel is slightly different. Again make sure your gun is unloaded for beginning.

Practice feeling the trigger, taking up the slack, notice the hammer coming back, and knowing where to stop before the gun fires. This way when your up on target you don’t feel like it’s taking forever for the shot to go off.

The whole process will start again with each shot you fire. You will have more control and your shot will be more steady and true.

Remember do this slowly in the beginning. Your speed will pick up quickly as soon as you understand the feel of the trigger.

Have fun!
Carol Ruh

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