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Your annual dues is supporting a women's organization, taught by women with experience in teaching and competition.

We have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars developing our classes to educate you for a small investment. Look around and you will see how much classes cost elsewhere. It's important to us to teach good quality education to women and keep the cost down in these challenging economic times.

So if you're looking for quality education and stretching the dollar than look no further. Come and visit us at the Arizona Women's Shooting Associates, for a quality education in a fun and safe environment.

Membership: $50.00 annual fee
Current (active) military: $40.00 annual fee

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

AWSA Membership
Fee Includes: AWSA Membership Card, membership with ASRPA, Bullet Trap (digital magazine) and discounted range fees for AWSA Events & ASRPA Events.

To join please fill out the form below, print, and mail the print-out with your membership fee to:

Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association – Women’s Division
47801 North Black Canyon Hwy#307
New River, AZ 85087

If your web browser will not print the form below, the Membership Application is also available as a printable .pdf file
at this link.


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The information that you have provided to Arizona Women's Shooting Associates will be held in the strictest confidence and will never be sold.

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