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Choosing a Gun
The decision to purchase a gun is very important and sometimes very expensive. You need to decide the reason for purchase, whether it’s for self-defense, recreation, hunting or for competition. A gun is a personal tool and it is important to have the correct fit. Do not be convinced to purchase a gun that someone else considers the perfect gun. 

Our recommendation if you’re new to this sport, would be to take a basic pistol course, to determine if you like a revolver or semi-auto. By taking a course you will have an instructor giving you the safety rules along with the proper grip. Most courses will even have a few different guns for you to try to get a feel for the caliber you like best when the gun fires on the range. These are important decisions and makes you more of an educated consumer. All of the items below would be covered at a class.

Things to consider:

- Trigger pull (Single or double action)

- Single action:  Once the hammer is cocked and when the trigger is pulled, the hammer drops and causes the round to be fired.

- Double action:  The trigger has the ability to cock the hammer and then release the hammer in one pull. (Longer and harder trigger pull)

- Caliber

- Sights (Scope or iron sights)

- Proper fit to your hand

- How many rounds do you want to carry?
- Most semi-automatic magazines will hold 6 -15 rounds.  If you need more rounds, then you need to carry extra magazines with a magazine holder or pouch.
- Revolvers come with 5, 6, or 7 rounds.  For extra, you would need extra speed loaders. 

- Gun and Ammunition price

- Recoil - The lighter gun and shorter barrel with more recoil vs the heavier gun and longer barrel with less recoil.

- Will I open carry or concealed, if so location of concealment?

- Are used guns a good purchase?
   - Used guns can be a good purchase provided you stick to the major manufacturer brands which are better buys and hold their value.
   - Avoid cheap guns such as Raven, Jennings, Davis, Phoenix Arms.
   - All used gun purchased should be buyers beware, they do not have warranties.

A Partial List of Single and Double Action Guns:
- 1911 - Single Action
- Browning Hi Power - Single Action
- Glock - Single Action
- H&K USP - Double Action/Single Action
- Sig Sauer - Double Action/Single Action
- Revolvers - Double Action/Single Action

The decision to purchase a gun is very important and you need to decide ONLY when you are sure of all of the above points.

Above all: BE SAFE!

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