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I am enjoying the NRA convention, and was invited by the NRA to take a new class.
Great things are on the horizon.
Loved the new class and meeting Training Counselors from around the country.
So much to see and do, having a great time in the process!

Carol Ruh

Note From Our President

Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018! Whenever we roll over to a new year, I always have that feeling of a fresh start, or a new beginning. So it is with Arizona Women’s Shooting Assoc. with new schedules and new classes.

Our rifle program is growing, and some of us are practicing hard for our match in Feb.

Even though it’s not listed yet we will be doing a rifle Women on Target in Nov. 2018. We are also recognizing that many ladies have AR15’s and need help, and we are stepping up to meet this adventure.

January will be doing team competition and hot chocolate. Also this month we are hosting and NRA women only rifle instructor class. February will bring a gun cleaning class only, due to all the activity at Ben Avery. March finds us doing a Basic Pistol Class on the 17th. This is a thorough class for first timers and the prerequisite for anyone who wishes to become an NRA pistol instructor. Please stop by and visit us at the Game and Fish Expo the end of March. We look forward to seeing everyone there, and come and take a chance on our Glock 19 pistol that we will be raffling off.

Stay up on our face book as we continue to keep you informed of new happenings and what you missed.

God Bless,
Carol Ruh

Something to Consider

Your dues of $50 a year is supporting a women's organization, taught by women with experience in teaching and competition.

We have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars developing our classes to educate you for a small investment. Look around and you will see how much classes cost elsewhere. It's important to us to teach good quality education to women and keep the cost down in these challenging economic times.

So if you're looking for quality education and stretching the dollar than look no further. Come and visit us at the Arizona Women's Shooting Associates, for the quality education in a fun and safe environment.

Happy New Year and God Bless,
Carol Ruh

Arizona Women's Shooting Associates
Arizona Women's Shooting Associates
Arizona Women's Shooting Associates
Arizona Women's Shooting Associates

Arizona Women's Shooting Associates was formed by women to support and encourage other women, families and friends to become involved in the shooting sports.

Ladies of Arizona come join us! We welcome beginners, and women that shoot already and want to join other women. You'll catch the
"bug", have a great time, enjoy the comradery and the great outdoors. 
Arizona Women's Shooting Associates
Arizona Women's Shooting Associates

Women Teaching Women

AWSA teaches everyday shooting scenarios in a professional environment. Striving to meet these needs by giving you the skills on how and when to defend yourself is our goal. By having everyone participate in demonstrations keeps the student very involved, and in turn the student will teach another student to reinforce their learning process

AWSA teaches with repeated drills to create muscle memory to help in the defense process. Knowing the condition of your gun at all times is strictly enforced by the safety rules. The student will become aware that this is not only a fun sport, but also a thinking sport. Learning to plan their shots for competition and knowing when to reload for example.

AWSA is a ladies group on the move. They might be sitting, kneeling, prone, standing or running. To get you to this point is our goal, and having fun doing it.

All instructors are NRA certified a combined 30 years of firearm instruction.

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